Sensation was held for the first time in the Netherlands in 2000, where the show has been running annually since. Sensation’s white dress code was, however sadly, born from a tragic event. Duncan Stutterheim, one of the three founders of ID&T, lost his brother Miles in a car accident in 2001. As a tribute to Miles, all visitors where informally asked to dress in white for the 2001 show. More than 80% of the visitors adhered to this tribute. This marked the birth of the well-known Sensation dress code as we know it today. Conquering 5 continents, shows in over 20 countries and attracting 1.8 million visitors, Sensation has been successfully uniting the world in white for the past 13 years. Apart from music and dance, Sensation is about fashion, science (technology and special effects) and purpose (meaning).  As a social partner Sensation supports dance4life in the battle against the spreading of HIV and Aids.